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Homemade Ice Cream Tips

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Making homemade ice cream doesn’t have to be difficult. In order to effectively make delicious homemade ice cream, you will want to apply the tips we discuss below.

1. Freeze The Bowl.

The bowls of ice cream are going to take at minimum (24 hours) to freeze. Therefore, you need to get in the habit of actually storing the bowl of your ice cream in the freezer the night before you plan on making it. A good way to keep it extra cold is by wrapping the bowl tightly in a plastic bag. This way, you are able to take it out and it is ready to go.

2. The Batter.

The actual batter for your ice cream should never be “too cold.” For this reason, you will want to place it in some type of container ( a yogurt container works) and store it in the fridge overnight.

3. Do Not Overfill.

It is essential that you do not overfill your ice cream maker. Only fill it to 3/4. While your ice cream maker may look and/or seem empty, it isn’t! The problem with filling your ice cream maker all the way to the top is that it will not aerate properly which will lead to poor results.

4. Go Slow.

Regardless of what your instructions indicate, when tempering the egg yolk for custard based ice creams, you will never want to pour more than 4 tablespoons of hot cream into the actual yolks before you whisk them back into the cream. You will also need to be sure that you do this process very slowly to avoid creating a scramble.

5. Moderation.

When you are using alcohol as an ingredient, moderation is going to be key. Anything that calls for more than 1/4 of a cup is going to be too much. This will ultimately interfere with the ice creams natural ability to freeze. Avoid going higher than 1/4 of a cup.


6. Extract.

Add extracts “after” everything the batter has had the chance to cool off and chill. However, you should do it before churning the ice cream for the best results.

7. Additional Ingredients.

Add your additional ingredients such as chocolate chips and any other add ons the last minute of your churning process. The ice cream should already be finished at this point, you will simply want to mix in everything evenly.

8. Containers For Storage.

Shallow and flat containers are going to be the best for proper ice cream storage. This will promote better consistency in your ice cream. Avoid using containers that are too round and/or too tall.

9. Ice Crystals.

In order to prevent ice crystal formation, you will want to apply a layer of plastic wrap to the top of your ice cream jar/container.

10. How Long?

Homemade ice creams should last well for around 1 week. After this time has passed, your ice cream will begin to lose its natural flavor and the creamy texture that you worked so hard for. It is best to eat ice cream within this time period – after all, you can always make more!

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Historic Facts About The Origin And Evolution Of Ice Cream

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Just like other forms of history, the history of ice cream is one that is filled with numerous myths and facts. In fact, many people find it hard to believe that the history of ice cream dates back to ancient civilization when techniques for keeping and storing ice were a night mare. In fact, historians believe that the origin of ice cream spans back to the second century before Christ when the thought of having a freezing device was illogical. In fact, the time to which the origin of ice cream dates back makes it quite impossible to determine the exact time and credit a specific individual for the invention of this yummy dessert that has been a good dietary revolution for modern day summer.

During the ancient times, Alexander the great is believed to have been a frequent ice cream consumer for his many orders of ice and snow flavored with fruit juice and honey. Nero Claudius Caesar who was a Roman emperor would also order runners to get him snow from across the mountains. Once served, it was flavored with fruits, juices and essence after which it was served to the king. However, after several decades, Marco Polo led in the revolution of the entire concept. When returning to Italy from the far east, he carried with him a dessert recipe that closely resembled modern Sherbets and historians have been conclusive on the evolution of modern ice cream from this recipe. On the other hand, it is also believed that England was the pioneer country in the discovery of a recipe presently known as ice cream.

Old Italy ice creamAt some particular time in the sixteenth century, it is believed that the whole concept about ice creams began to change. In the seventeenth century, King Charles I always had an ice cream in his daily meal menu. In the year 1553, the wife to Henry II of France, Catherine de Medici is also believed to have introduced a similar dessert recipe to Italy. It was at that time that ice cream was considered a luxurious item and not something for the general flock. This is a edible that was only meant for special parties and occasions presided or thrown out by the highly ranked members of the society. Sicilian Procopio is believed to be the first cafe in Paris to invent a special preparation of frozen desserts with the blending of butter, milk, eggs and milk in unique proportions.

Despite the numerous milestones associated with the evolution of ice cream, modern day ice cream preparation has greatly changes. The change in the ice cream preparation concepts have been as a result of modern technologies that have made it possible and easier to develop luxurious and more sophisticated ice cream. This means that no runners have to be sent to mountain tops to collect ice and snow. The revolution of ice cream preparation has made it possible to make it even in homes unlike in ancient times when it was only meant for highly ranked societal personalities.

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Tips For Using Coupon Codes For Sweet Treats


These days there are numerous people who try to save money any way they can. As a result, they attempt to find coupon codes for anything on their shopping lists. While you may think that this is strange, it is actually possible to find coupon codes for ice cream and other sweet treats. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while scouring the Internet for codes.

Be Mindful Of Expiration Dates

The last thing you want is to be at the checkout punching in a code that is no longer valid. Most merchants only allow users to redeem codes for a predetermined period of time. Once it has passed, the discount will be lost forever. When you come across a code that interests you, make sure that you check the date on the offer. If it is valid, yet you have no lands to use it right away, make sure that you remember to use it before it expires.

Search For Multiple Discounts

It can be tempting to stop looking for codes after you have come across one that seems to be pretty desirable, but you should try exercising some restraint. It is very possible to choose too quickly since this may cause you to miss out on a better deal. The best thing to do would be to seek out all possible codes before deciding what to buy. For example, if you find a coupon for %1 off a gallon of ice cream, using this too quickly means that you may miss out on another coupon that is worth more, like a buy one get one free offer.

Try To Bundle Them

There are several websites that allow you to use more than one code at a time. While this is not typical, merchants like this exist and you should try your best to find them. Imagine ordering some expensive pastries and being treated to a discount on the price AND free shipping. These are the types of deals that make shopping for treats more exciting than ever. In fact, many people end up making larger purchases when they have the chance to save more money.

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Think Of The Merchant Reputation

Does it matter if you are offered a discount if the merchant isn’t known for selling quality products? You would be better off ignoring these deals instead of wasting your money. Sure, you may get great discounts, but will you enjoy eating desserts that are not very tasty? This does not mean that you should limit yourself to merchants you are familiar with, but you should do a little research if the company is not known to you.

If you have a sweet tooth and you are looking to get a few sweet delights at great prices, it would be in your best interest to scour the Internet for a coupon code or two. The tips here will help you get the most out of them once they are located.

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